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No Promises.

“We cannot build the future by avenging the past.”
― T.H. White, The Once and Future King

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My friends are really supportive.

Brits Brits Brits Yeah


CEO: Hullo, then. You’re Daniel right? I’ve heard good things.
Me: Ah’ve heard good things too, guv, by crikey!
CEO: What was that?
Me: Oh it’s a real soapy tit on soggy toast, wha’.
CEO: Are you…
Me: You’re from the north, right?
CEO: Aye.
Me: Just checking.

Starting to take bets on how long it takes Daniel to get fired. 

Keeping Daniel’s attention has been difficult lately.

Keeping Daniel’s attention has been difficult lately.

If you could punch anyone in the world in the face right now, no consequences, who would it be? asked by t-rexsam



I’d jump in front of your fist and save you. BFFs for life.

Oscar Recognition


I got blackout drunk last night and let me tell you the second half of my night must have been fucking fascinating because I got a phone call asking if “I still wanted that free tattoo of a triangle”.

My love for Daniel is really mingled with fear.

Life is strangely beautiful at times.

Life is strangely beautiful at times.

Lauren: You didn't bring me any presents.
Me: I asked what you wanted me to bring! You said "nothing!"
Lauren: So if I had said "I need presents," you would have brought me some presents?
Me: YES!
Lauren: Holy shit, is that all it's taken this whole time?!
Real talk.

Real talk.

The Monster and The Warning.

That wasn't very Raven.

Me: The lights are flickering. Are there ghosts?
Weinberger: Yes.
Weinberger: Everything is ghosts.
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